Selling Antiques Out Of A Garage Space.

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As a long time antique and vintage dealer I’ve sold at a variety of locations over the years. From antique malls, flea markets, shows and even owning my own brick and mortar shop, I’ve tried it all. Recently I was approached about renting a space at a new vintage clothing shop that opened about 2 minutes from my home. So I went to take a look and talk to the new owners. The building a 90’s style one level flat roof structure in the middle of the little downtown area was nothing special. But what it did have was a garage connected to the south end of the building and an overhead door that faced the street.

After going inside, I found that the garage area actually had a wall that separated the front space and formed a small room. The size was about 10ft x 12ft which included the overhead door. My brain immediately started planning how I would create an antique and vintage selling space out of that garage area. The main selling point for me was the big overhead door I could roll up and make an open air market feel which I’ve always wanted to do. Plus the fact it was close to street (easy loading and unloading) and only 2 minutes from my house. The owners both young entrepreneurs and filled with great ideas for the rest of the building were easy to work with letting me bring my creative vision for the garage area to fruition.

The inside was well your typical garage- Insulation ceiling, one wall cement blocks and the other two sides basic wall boards. The only thing we did was give the walls a fresh coat of white paint. I thought about painting the walls black but since the area is about the size of an average antique mall booth space, I decided to go with the white paint so it wouldn’t seem so enclosed when the overhead door is closed.

I thought about covering the insulation with burlap which I might do at a later point but for now the ceiling is hidden when the garage door is open.

After a few weeks of moving inventory in and working out the best placement for the bigger pieces of furniture, I was finally able to have my first sale at the new location.

I’ve had my garage space about one year and while it’s very convenient I’m really at the mercy of the weather conditions if I can have the overhead door open. Extreme cold and heat makes it challenging at times. The bottom line is you can create a selling space out of most any location.

*Update~ This was such a sweet space to sell from but the weather did make it difficult to keep the overhead garage door up. It would be absolutely perfect to use for pop-up or seasonal sales. So on to the next chapter which will be here



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