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A few years ago when I jumped head first into the idea of making candles to sell, I had no idea the amount of knowledge goes into candle making. I thought (like many newbie candle makers) that all I needed to do was melt some wax, add scent and pour it into a jar. Boy was I wrong! I quickly found out that it’s a fine balance between the type of container, fragrance oil, wicks and wax that ultimately ends with a beautiful candle. The first thing I did was to buy a candle kit that had everything included and then watch a zillion (not kidding) YouTube videos. I then setup my area which was my kitchen counter at the time including a double boiler to melt the wax and prepped the candle jars. I managed to melt the wax, add the fragrance oil and slowly pour the hot wax into the jars without burning myself-major accomplishment! The actual process seemed fairly easy BUT I felt really ungraceful and wondered how veteran candle makers manage to pour several candles at once.

Over several months I slowwwwly got better in the candle making dance. Also over several months I purchased more equipment including fragrance oils, jars, wax and wicks. This is not a cheap hobby by any means but I was determined to make a candle that both smelled good and was safe to burn. I knew this was the key to actually being able to sell my candles.

So as my candle journey continues, I will be taking you along for the ride.



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