Circa 1865 Missouri Farmhouse

Our Missouri farmhouse was built in 1865 on 500 acres by farmer Thaddeus W. Greene for his wife and 14 children. It is one of the oldest homesteads in the county and is close to the Santa Fe Trail. My husband and I purchased and started rehabbing the property in 2009. The two story farmhouse with white clapboard siding, green trim and three porches sits on one acre. It has a center staircase with four bedrooms and not much closet space with was typical of the period. 

As you can imagine with owning a 150 plus year old structure, there is always a new project on the horizon. We feel very fortunate to be the current keeper of a property with such wonderful history and hope to pass it on one day. Hopefully Thaddeus would be proud:)

The Porch

Several years before we owned the farmhouse, I purchased an old white swing that I knew would one day be placed on my future porch. The day after we moved in to the farmhouse my husband hung the swing and we have enjoyed sitting on the porch many times over.

The Kitchen

The heart of any home is the kitchen. Our farmhouse kitchen is not huge but it is filled with tons of light due to the three windows over the sink. There are transom windows above the doorways which also fills the room with extra light.

The Outdoor Fireplace

One of the best projects we did after purchasing the farmhouse, was building an outdoor fireplace and patio. It’s held many family celebrations over the years and we use it all the time.

My farmhouse is featured in the book, Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O’Neill



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