Handcrafted Twine Basket

When I was a small girl, I would often watch my Mama crochet afghans, blankets and scarfs to give as gifts. I was always mesmerized at how effortlessly her hands would work to make such a masterpiece. Soon she gave me one of her metal crochet hooks and a small skein of wool to practice making a simple chain. That eventually led to a couple of potholders or blankets for my barbies but that was the extent of my crochet journey.  Recently, I decided to try my hand at crocheting again and thought I could make some small baskets. I had a couple of objectives for my baskets, they had to be sturdy (not floppy) and also be able to hold a few things. Regular wool just wouldn’t do the trick so I thought why not try to make some out of natural twine or string. I love the more organic look and feel of twine. Since it wasn’t very expensive, why not try it? I’ve always had a “thing for string” maybe because it’s reminiscent of the days your parcel was wrapped in brown paper and string. The good ole days right:)

I didn’t have an actual pattern (big disclaimer here)  and just started out by making a small chain then catching every other link into a flat circle. I then worked my way up crocheting the sides and made sure to keep the loop tension the same throughout. It was definitely a free form pattern but it seemed to work! It was fun and very relaxing. I even sold a few at my antique booth.



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